New Balance Half Marathon and 10K Race, while I was crossing the finish line.

I decided to bring a new running challenge to myself which is called Perfect Month. The idea behind that challenge is to run every day of a month. It doesn’t matter which month it is, just pick one. To achieve the goal, you need to start from the 1st day of the month until last day.

I think I am going to attempt this challenge in June. Wish me good luck.


  • Start from the 1st day of any month.
  • Run at least 1 km.
  • If you fail in the month you should wait for another one.
  • Each session should be post there.
  • If it is too much consider canceling.
  • Not a single break allowed.

I don’t personally recommend this challenge to anyone. I just want to see my limits. I am very close with professionals & MD’s who are experts in their areas checking my physical health & condition for that kind of challenges. If you’d like attempt this challenge please consider taking advise from your doctor. Otherwise injury is very painful thing.