My First SOLO!


I flew the first solo of my aviation career. I complete the first traffic pattern at DHMI Çorlu Atatürk International Airport (LTBU). I’ve take-off from runway 04 safely, and joined the right traffic pattern after Take-Off.

I entered the exams organized by Pegasus Airlines and take my ATPL training at Atlantic Flight Academy. After successfully completing all ground lessons, I’ve started flight training lectures. After I gain required skills for flying solo under the supervision of my Flight Instructors (FI’s) I flew my first solo flight. After I safely take off from Çorlu runway 04, I took the left traffic pattern at 1500 ft and safely landed to Çorlu 04 runway.

I did not remove the mistakes that I’ve made with the excitement of flying alone for the first time within the safety limits during engine start-up, in the taxi and after landing, in order to keep them as an example for the future flights. I wish safe flights to everyone.

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