My first serious goal for running and how it went? #Just15


#Just15 is a running series includes tens of runs in a local park near to my neighborhood. The park is approximately 350m long loop and has 7m of elevation difference total. Grade levels differs from -%15 to %7.

The goal of #Just15 is running 3 km in the park just in 15 minutes. This is actually easy to achieve in the long straights and open places. But due to the high grade changes and short curves on the field it makes it hard to run that distance in the desired time. Also the GPS signal of the run capturing devices have hard time due to the trees and tall buildings around the park.

The first run was on August of 2017, and still I am trying to finish 3K’s in #Just15.

From that time I run 3K’s in just 15 minutes several times in different locations. But not in that park. At the first sight it looked like easily achievable target but right now I feel like one of my lifelong achievement in running.

Due to its difficulty level I divided the goal in two parts. The first part of the goal is to reach 8th lap within 15 minutes and get use to it. This is equivalent for 2.8K run. The second part of the goal is push much more to finish 3K.

Right now I am capable of doing first part of the goal but gave a break for a while because of work and frustration not to earn it quickly.

Until I achieve #Just15 I’ll prepare myself novel goals to push myself in to little bit more.


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