23 September 2020, Wednesday
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    Ben bu siteyi yine bozmanın bir yolunu buldum. Fırsatım olduğunda düzeltmeye ve yeni bir şeyler yapmaya çalışacağım. O zamana kadar @oytungur'den ulaşabilirsiniz.
    This is my third official Instagram face filter. After getting use to creating face filters for Instagram I've decided to create a filter to explore 3D creation possibilities. Basically pilot flies over low poly earth like planet with Diamond DA20 aircraft. You can control your bank angle and pitch attitude with your head movement. If you get...
    https://youtu.be/fhLxKIMT3Ec NodeMCU mikroişlemcisi kullanarak yaptığımız sıcaklık ölçer. Üzerinde bulunan Thermistör aracılığı ile bulunduğu ortamın sıcaklık değerini ölçer. Ölçtüğü değeri Google Drive’a kaydeder. Google Drive ile Google Data Studio arasındaki bağlantı sayesinde de Studio’da görselleştirilebilir. Şerit LED’ler sayesinde de internete girmeden de sıcaklık değerini anlamamızı sağlar. Video İçeriği:
    Which Plane are You?
    This is my second official Instagram face filter. It has variety of airplanes ranging from Diamond DA20 to Airbus A380. Each time you start recording using that filter random airplane will be shown to you in several seconds. The strange thing is that filter doesn't require high skills to create but using it is lots of fun....
    That is my first Instagram face filter. That is an Airbus A321 type airplane just turns around and around on top your head. I've created this with bit of 3d design knowledge and the right applications. I've done two revisions not that filter so far. First one was adding Winter Scheme which...
    I did it at the first try. That felt good. Run everyday for 15 minutes, approximately 2,40 km per each day. Just skipped the 4th day. But I paid it in the last day. I think this counts as a win.
    Running at Istanbul Half Marathon in 2017
    Since I've started running 8 years ago. I never had a change to run every day of a one single week. Last week was the first time I've ever done that. From now on I'll name it #completeWeek. Amazingly enough if I run today -hopefully- it will be the second #completeWeek attempt.
    I decided to bring a new running challenge to myself which is called Perfect Month. The idea behind that challenge is to run every day of a month. It doesn't matter which month it is, just pick one. To achieve the goal, you need to start from the 1st day of the month until last day.


    #Just15 is a running series includes tens of runs in a local park near to my neighborhood. The park is approximately 350m long loop and has 7m of elevation difference total. Grade levels differs from -%15 to %7. The goal of #Just15 is running 3 km in the park just in 15 minutes....